Piddles and Puddles

These mats are made from PVC coated cotton fabric which protects them from spills and messes of any nature. Babies love no-nappy time but as every parent knows, this can be messy. Messy Moves allow babies to  enjoy nappy-free time without creating endless loads of washing. Simply wipe clean and it's ready for the next mess.

Soft landings

Learning to sit, crawl and walk are thrilling times for baby and parents but can also be the cause of bumps and scrapes.  Few play mats are sufficiently padded to protect littles ones from falls and this can make them nervous of taking those first major moves. Messy Moves have 2.5 cms foam inside which provide a soft landing for babies and toddlers at play.

Outdoor fun

It's great to get little ones outside to play in the fresh air but many gardens are small with hard surfaces which worry parents. Messy Moves provide a soft space for babies to play outdoors. The waterproof fabric means that the odd shower of rain will not stop play.(Mats are not totally waterproof as water can seep through stitching)

Portable play

The light-weight foam  and integrated straps make Messy Moves  the perfect mats to take on holidays, picnics and trips to the beach. Each mat rolls up and can be secured with the straps so they are very easy to carry around. Messy Moves can also be used as a changing mat and day bed meaning that you don't need to carry several items with you.

Stylish quality

I carefully source fabrics which will appeal to both children and adults. each design is bright and colourful to stimulate baby but also looks good in most living spaces. Each mat is handmade it Oxfordshire and if I would not be happy for my baby to play on it, I won't sell it.